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The star of the Paralympic Games, the world and European record holder, the absolute world champion in swimming, has found the long-awaited opportunity to move her hands!
Exoskeleton Ekar 34

Exoskeleton Ekar 34

Volgograd scientists Alexander Vorobyov and Fedor Andryushchenko are doing real miracles. They give people with the disease "arthrogryposis of the upper limbs" the ability to perform actions that they previously could not afford.

A congenital ailment does not allow such people to be completely independent: to raise a spoon to their mouth, comb their hair, tie a bow or shoelaces - all this is practically unattainable, since the muscles do not have sufficient strength. But a unique development, which has no analogues in the world, allows them to live fully.

Scientists have created something like "stand holders" that allow patients to raise their hands and, as a result, do any work.

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Alexandra Agafonova

The fish that got wings.

This is a small, purposeful, courageous girl named Sasha. Sasha Agafonova. The star of the Paralympic Games, multiple world and European record holder, four-time vice champion, who became the absolute world champion in swimming in 2015.

To appreciate her efforts to win, just look at the tracks. Sasha’s rivals swim with her hands, and she uses only her legs and back muscles. Sasha’s hands have not been working since birth.

There is no cure for arthrogryposis that hit Sasha’s hands. But one day, Sasha learned that there is a surgeon Alexander Vorobyov in Volgograd who invented an amazing design - the Exar 34 exoskeleton.

How the Exar Skeleton Exar 34 works

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Exoskeleton Exar 34 is made individually for each
patient, taking into account all its features, a large
degree of adjustment allows the exoskeleton to
grow with the patient.
Stage 1
Exoskeleton classes, in addition to habilitation and rehabilitation, have the effect of disease prevention.
Stage 2
Gradually, muscles begin to work, which the patient could not previously control.
Stage 3
A complete rehabilitation and return to a full life is possible.
Stage 4

Rehabilitation with an exoskeleton Exar 34

Symptom of the upper flaccid para-monoparesis
  1. Decrease in muscle strength (flexors, extensors, pronators, insteps, abduction, adductors) of the upper limbs to 1-2-3 points (corresponds to a moderate or deep degree of paresis)
  2. Limitation of speed, volume (amplitude) of movements in the proximal and distal parts of the upper limbs due to weakness:
    • restriction or impossibility of flexion and / or extension of the arms in the shoulder and / or elbow joints;
    • the inability to raise a hand to the level of the shoulder girdle and above;
    • the inability to take your hand away from the body;
    • restriction or impossibility of internal rotation of the arm in the shoulder joint;
  3. Reduced muscle tone in the proximal and distal parts of the upper limbs, or the presence of mixed tone, with a predominance of hypotension;
  4. Decrease or absence of tendon reflexes from the hands (flexor-elbow, extensor-ulnar, carporadial);
  5. Lack of contractures in the joints of the upper / limb / her
Obligatory triad of conditions for the use of the Exar 34 Exoskeleton
  1. Syndrome of upper flaccid paralysis / paresis (see features of neurological status)
  2. The level of mental development of the patient at which he does not have a negative reaction to wearing an exoskeleton
  3. The age of use of the exoskeleton. 3 years - the upper limit of indications (depends on the general physical condition of the patient). There is positive experience with the use of EXAR 34 in a patient 82 years of age.
The main contraindications to the exoskeleton "Exar 34"
  1. Spastic paraparesis with the presence of flexion / extensor contractures in the shoulder and / or elbow joints
  2. A sharply reduced level of intellectual development of the patient with a pronounced negative reaction to wearing an exoskeleton
  3. The age of the child is less than 3 years old.
  4. Oncological diseases of 4 stages.
Exar 34
Vorobiev Alexander Alexandrovich
Alexander Alexandrovich
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor
Andryushchenko Fedor Andreevich
Fedor Andreevich
Candidate of Medical Sciences

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